Minnesota Fishing Tips
Fishing Tips
Lake Vermilion - Go to Winklemans web site and sign up for a free trip to fish with him !
 | 1.0
Lake Vermilion - Northern Pike - Fish right under the ice
 | 1.0
Lake King - Used to have some giant largemouth bass, have not been there in many years
Lake Crystal - Excellent Largemouth bass lake, rumors of a few smallmouth bass with a few nice stocked Muskies sprinkled around, chance for really big bass in this little lake!
 | 5.0
Mississippi River - World Class Walleye fishing, plus great smallmouth & largemouth fishing, year round catch & release
 | 4.0
Lake Marion - Great Largemouth Bass Lake, can be challenging & rewarding. Rumored to be a few Smallmouth bass in lake as well, but not enough to target. Healthy Northern Pike, some walleye, lots of small sunfish
Lake Blackhawk - nice catches from this lake

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