Thailand Fishing Tips
Fishing Tips
Lake Bungsumran Fishing Resort/park - Get a guide, use their Dough and watch how they mix it with the special scent in the flour. Then, don't put too much water in the flour. Take Motrin, lots. The fish are huge!
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Pilot 111 Pond - looks like a nice place to fish.
Bungsamran Pond - Mekong Giant Catfish - If you're new here, get a guide and a bungalow, affordable and will provide far better catch rate than figuring it out yourself. Then just hold on, the fish grow BIG here!
Unnamed Pond - Use cutbait to catch the monsters !!!!! Awesome day for ya, I love to see that on ADDIX ! Way to go...
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Kaeng Krachan Reservoir - I have been told if you are going to eat these fish,, fry them, I was told that is the only way to go. Maybe you have tried them fired, if not try them that way.
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Bungsamran Pond - Prepare gear for big fights. The fish here are big (about 40lbs) and there isn't much room for them to run. Heavy gear is a must. I go with a heavy PE8 jigging rod, 16.5lb drag reel and 50lb line.
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Giant Snakehead - In the dry season, Thai people would sight fish for them using deep diving lures like the Rapala DT or even the Magnum to dive down after the GS after it surfaces.
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Siamese Giant Carp - Mix grounded rice husk with pond water together and form little balls of bait on your hook. Throw in bait balls into the water then cast your baited hook in. Repeat until you get a fish strike.
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